Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

When you book a 20 minute chat or a session on the booking page, you pick the time and I will email you a link!

I have some reduced fee slots available, use contact form/email to enquire.



Psychotherapy can help you understand yourself better and identify patterns of behaviour. When you are more aware of how you navigate the world you are empowered to make choices with greater awareness.



Counselling can help you understand how to navigate the world and your relationships for more positive outcomes. You can make decisions about how to create the life you want

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Your thoughts and

feelings do not control you, you do!

Learn how to understand your negative and limiting thoughts for better outcomes




I work with parents in how best to support children experiencing emotional distress or difficulties at school, home or with friends

Better relationships


Are you interested in having more positive relationships in your life?

Specially designed short-term work to help you improve the quality of all the  relationships in your life

Couples Counselling


The Couples Counselling Service is designed to  bring more understanding of yourself and in each other in your relationship.



Being a college or university student can be exciting but also overwhelming & challenging at times.

Psychotherapy, Counselling or Coaching with an experienced University and College Counsellor

Single Session Therapy


Single Session therapy can be very effective. It gives you the space and time to look at one major issue that you are experiencing.

Making the decision to get clarity on an issue or situation and identify ways to move forward can be really helpful.