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Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

When you book a 20 minute chat or a session on the booking page, you pick the time and I will email you a link!

I have some reduced fee slots available, use contact form/email to enquire.


Counselling can help you understand how to navigate the world and your relationships for more positive outcomes. You can make decisions about how to create the life you want.


Psychotherapy can help you understand yourself better and identify patterns of behaviour. When you are more aware of how you navigate the world you are empowered to make choices with greater awareness.

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Change the Response:

6 weeks


Building your Mental Health Toolkit

6 sessions tailored to your specific goals:

Stress Management -

Ways of Coping


Working with you on Specific Problems


Identifying Options and Solutions


Healthier Boundaries


The Art of Saying “No”


Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Your thoughts and

feelings do not control you, you do!

Learn how to understand and change your negative  or limiting thoughts for better outcomes.

Menopause Counselling

Yes, counselling can help with Menopause and Peri-Menopause.

This time of transition can be really difficult; feeling tired, sad, angry and overwhelmed are often part of the experience.


Possibly you are also parenting young children, teenagers, working and looking after elderly parents.

Changes in hormone levels can affect the way you respond and react to events and situations.

Practical and Psychological Support.

Couples Counselling

The Couples Counselling Service is designed to help you resolve conflict, face obstacles in a more united way and to help develop more understanding of yourself and each other in your relationship.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching & Counselling.

Successful Strategies to help you manage your career & achieve your professional goals.


Your career is intertwined with your personal style of establishing and maintaining relationships.

Business Coaching can help you manage your career more effectively, to  re-define and reach your goals.

Single Session Therapy

Single Session therapy can be very effective. It gives you the space and time to look at one major issue.


Support to get clarity on an issue or situation and identify ways to move forward.

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