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Change the Response - Stop Stepping in the same puddle

The story of how to stop stepping in the same puddle is the same the world over, as soon as the man in the story got tired of the wet feet, the inconvenience, the frustration, the disappointment and the seemingly never-ending appearance of the same puddle, he decided to do something different. He changed his response – he decided to go round the puddle instead. Life was better. We don’t know for how long but he took a step in the right direction, by changing what was not working.

(I can’t even go there today on pleasing the Pronoun Police – it could have been any person at all – life is short and we need to get to the point. I shall come back to this another day.)

Change the Response - What is it?

Welcome to my blog and thank you for looking at my site. I aim to provide mental health support with love, compassion, clarity & if at all possible, a bit of humour. To provide a level of informed openness without dancing round the threat of being considered politically incorrect. At some point I will run afoul of somebody in the great big yonder that is the internet, it’s as inevitable as us all drawing our next breath. Anyone with an opinion, even when informed and considered runs the same risk!

I’m a passionate believer in Freedom, Freedom of Speech and the Freedom that comes with Good Mental Health. Big advocate of Kindness; it costs nothing. Although, I don’t believe in squandering kindness on unworthy causes or unworthy people. This is where our Personal Boundaries are invaluable. More on that will follow.

I’m a Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach, Anxiety, Stress and Trauma Specialist; grounded in reality, open to the endless possibilities that change can bring. I am the Therapist, Counsellor and Coach for people who for whatever reason are interested in making some changes because the place they are in is stressful, difficult or unhappy.

I can work with you to find the way forward with better strategies to navigate life and the world. Providing a Mental Health Toolkit to work with you to establish & sustain the practice of good mental health. Mental Health is a practice. I’m psycho-dynamically trained, so I can help you reflect on your life and your relationships to understand what patterns are being repeated that are causing unhappiness or difficulty. We have often learned ways of relating to people as young children and sometimes it is useful and necessary to look at early childhood experiences and memories. As a rule this is not my first, second or even third therapeutic approach. I don’t ever look back unless it is going to move me forward and I won’t ask you to do that either.

“I don’t want to change, why should I!?

Change the Response: Ultimately, you are the only one who can. The only person you can be sure of to change the response. That’s it.

Consider throwing the idea of perfection out of your mindset. The strive for Perfection will always end in disappointment, it’s the Mental Health equivalent of unicorns. I like the idea of unicorns but I’m not emotionally invested in them existing. Let’s strive for Progress instead – progress is a concept that exists. Progress can be measured – the point from where you are right now to where you can be in 10 minutes from now, next week or next month.

There will be good days and other days when your Mental Health Wagon goes careering over the ravine with you at the helm! The good news is that as long as you are still this way up, change is possible. Over time the Careering Over the Ravine Days become less and less.

This is what the Change the Response philosophy is about; if what you are doing is not working, it is time to Change the Response you are making. I can show you how. Good Mental Health is part of working towards General Fabulousness.That’s my goal for you and I can work with you to resolve and remove the obstacles that are in your way to becoming your most fabulous self.

Some people only want to change their situation when the place they are in becomes intolerable. Why wait?

Book a 20 minute free chat to meet me. There is no obligation or charge. Decide from there what you would like to do.

Thanks for reading.


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