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Online Counselling Works - Here's How

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

If you are considering online therapy, you might wonder if it works compared to face to face therapy.

The effectiveness of therapy or counselling is influenced largely by the relationship that is made between you and your counsellor or therapist.

Can this be done online? Yes, here's how:

Studies have shown Online Therapy is effective for:

  • ·Anxiety & Social Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Difficulties Coping

  • Relationship Issues

I started working online before Covid-19 as it was the only way I could see some clients; at least for a short while. I went into online therapy as a therapist with an open mind. I was also prepared to stop working online if ethically I felt that it lacked any of the quality of face to face therapy.

I was pleasantly surprised, clients that had been in the therapy room with me found that it worked well for them and all of them said that they felt that it was just as effective.

But what about new clients?

Clients that I have only met on-line report a positive experience of online therapy.

I have found from experience that I can be just as effective a therapist on line.

What Clients say:

“I feel comfortable with online therapy – I didn’t think I would but I tried it and found that it works.”

“I am at home in my own space, I’m more comfortable that way.”

“I wouldn’t have time to go to a therapists office for an appointment.”

“It’s convenient no rescheduling of work/arranging childcare.”

“I can fit this in around my schedule.”

“No driving or parking involved!”

"No one will see me going in - I want to keep this private."

"I love it, I can get up in the morning, have a coffee and talk to my therapist."

I'm not the only one thinking this -we all know - that with online therapy, if you don't feel like having a shower, just throw on a top (please) and you're ready. Let's be real here!

Since Covid-19:

“I don’t see the need to be face to face with a counsellor – online works for me.”

“Working from home and online communication with people has showed me that online counselling or therapy works too.”

“I am still limiting my interactions with people due to risk of infection.”

“I don’t want to be in a therapist’s office - due to a risk of infection, no matter how small the risk.”

How to Make Online Therapy Work for You:

  • Schedule a time that works for you.

  • Make sure you have a private space to talk without interruption. As a therapist I understand that this can difficult. Clients have spoken with me on occasion from their cars, not ideal but it has been necessary.

  • Consider using earphones – try with and without.

  • Ask for a short conversation with therapist prior to booking sessions. It is very important to find someone you are comfortable with. I offer a 20 minute free chat through my site.

I know that it is difficult to make that first contact with a therapist or counsellor, online therapy provides the opportunity to do that from your own space.


(Don't just take my word for it - Good Mental Health is getting good information!)

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